Spray Tan 101: A Guide To Achieving The Perfect Spray Tan with Bryon Bay

Spray Tan 101: A Guide To Achieving The Perfect Spray Tan with Bryon Bay

 Say goodbye to sunburns and hello to the flawless bronze of a spray tan! Achieving that sun-kissed glow doesn't have to be complicated; in fact, it can be a fun and indulgent experience.

Please feel free to share the below guide with your clients so they can prepare properly, know what to expect during a session, and take care of their tan afterwards.  Following this guide will help your customers achieve a spray tan is flawless, radiant, and lasts longer than the summer sun.


Exfoliation Extravaganza: Prepare your canvas by exfoliating your skin a day before your spray tan. This ensures a smooth surface, free from dead skin cells that could cause uneven tanning. Embrace the scrub, and let the pre-tan pampering begin!

To Shave or Wax? That is the Question: Opt for shaving over waxing before your spray tan. Shaving removes hair closer to the surface, allowing the tan to adhere more evenly. Plus, it's an opportunity for a little dance routine in the shower – consider it a warm-up for the tanning party ahead!


During the Session

Dress for Success: Wear loose, dark clothing to your spray tan session. Tight clothing can rub off the tan, while dark colors help mask any immediate bronzing residue. Think of it as a chance to flaunt your chic pre-tan fashion sense!

Strike a Pose – Tan Edition: During the session, follow the technician's instructions on poses and movements. This ensures every nook and cranny gets its fair share of the tan. Plus, it's a chance to unleash your inner model – work it, twirl it, own that spray tan catwalk!

Time Flies When You're Glowing: A typical spray tan session takes around 15-20 minutes. Use this time to daydream about your upcoming bronzed look or plan your post-tan celebration. Maybe there's a tropical drink waiting for you?


Shower Power – Patience is a Virtue: Wait at least 8-10 hours before showering to allow the tan to fully develop. Use this time to catch up on your favorite shows, dive into a good book, or practice your post-tan victory dance. Patience pays off for a flawless finish!

Product Prohibitions: Post-tan, avoid oil-based products, as they can strip away your golden glow. Opt for water-based moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated without compromising the tan. This is also a prime opportunity for a mini spa day – treat yourself!