Our Story

Leanne Radka co-founded Sisterhood Beauty in 2013 with a vision to offer contemporary beauty products. Her goal was to represent the very best New Zealand and Australian brands, with a focus on natural ingredients, eco-conscious production and absolutely no animal testing. In 2015 Leanne expanded her direction toward working with companies that focus on using vegan ingredients. Now, in 2018, Sisterhood is proud to partner with companies that are leading the way with green initiatives in New Zealand and around the world. In addition to this Leanne and her team operate with a focus on implementing strategies to help protect the future of our planet, including slow-movement and small steps toward sustainability integrated into everyday business practise. Sisterhood Beauty has stockists throughout New Zealand, in professional Beauty and Hair Salons, Spas, Department Stores and Pharmacies. We work with sophisticated beauty products that deliver results, anti-aging benefits without the nasties, Sisterhood Beauty cares about your natural beauty.