Introducing the Sisterhood Beauty team

Sisterhood Beauty was an easy choice to define our agency philosophy. The true meaning of sisterhood is: β€œto care and support one another, with the knowledge that there will always be someone around whom you can talk to or share your stories with. Sisterhood is being there to encourage one another through good times and bad. Sisterhood is more than friendship; it is a bond that will last.”

The team at Sisterhood is fun loving and dedicated with the experience and knowledge of all things beauty, they are passionate about the brands we represent. Contact our team and we will work closely with you to implement strategies to inspire and increase your knowledge. Ongoing training is an integral part of our success and support for you in store and for your customer events.

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Leanne Radka
Managing Director
021 472 352
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Melanie Te Puni
Business Development Manager @ Auckland, Northland
027 781 1101
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Paige Radka
Business Development Manager @ Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay
022 153 8608
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Maria Corboy
Training Manager
021 205 5956
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Janah Christiansen
Business Development Manager @ South Island
021 235 3737
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Phill Maguire
Operations & Finance
021 636 259