3 Mistakes Even The Pros Make When Spray Tanning

3 Mistakes Even The Pros Make When Spray Tanning

Let's peel back the curtain and take an inside look at the spray tanning world, where even the most seasoned professionals can slip up. We've seen our fair share of triumphs and tribulations.

Brace yourselves, because here are three mistakes that even the pros occasionally make – because perfection, after all, is a constant pursuit.

Mistake #1: The Layering Lapse

It's easy to get carried away with the spray tan gun, especially when you're aiming for that extra layer of perfection. However, too many layers can lead to a tan that looks more like a coat of paint than a sun-kissed glow. Over-application is a common pitfall that even the most experienced artists can stumble into.

Solution: Establish a clear understanding of the client's desired depth of colour during the consultation. Emphasise the importance of a gradual approach, allowing each layer to dry before deciding whether another is necessary. A strategic and measured application is the key to avoiding the dreaded orange tint.

Avoid These Spray Tanning Mistakes

Mistake #2: The Equipment Oversight

Even the most diligent professionals can overlook the condition of their equipment, leading to uneven spray patterns and unhappy clients. A clogged nozzle or a malfunctioning gun can wreak havoc on an otherwise flawless tan.

Solution: Regularly maintain and clean your spray tan equipment to ensure a consistent and even application. Make it a habit to inspect your tools before each session. A well-maintained machine is the unsung hero of a perfect spray tan.

 3 Common Spray Tanning Mistakes

Mistake #3: The Solution Mismatch: 
Not all spray tan solutions are created equal, and even professionals can sometimes misjudge the ideal shade for a client's skin type or desired outcome. Choosing the wrong colour can result in a tanned bronze that falls short or, in some cases, overwhelms the client's expectations.

Solution:  Invest time in understanding the range of colours available and tailor your recommendation to the client's skin tone and preferences. Conduct thorough consultations to determine the client's expectations and adjust your colour choice accordingly. A bespoke approach ensures that each client leaves with a customised and natural-looking tan.

Even the most seasoned spray tan artists can find themselves facing challenges in the pursuit of the perfect tan. By addressing these common mistakes head-on, professionals can elevate their craft and continue to provide clients with flawless, radiant results. Remember, it's all part of the journey toward spray tan perfection!