Unveiling The Mystery: Why Do White Dots Pop Up During Spray Tans?

Unveiling The Mystery: Why Do White Dots Pop Up During Spray Tans?

Have you or a customer have ever wondered about those quirky white dots that sometimes make a surprise appearance during a spray tan session? Fear not, we're here to spill the beans and make their tanning journey even more fabulous!

The Lowdown on "White Spotting"
So, your customer has spotted some white dots on their skin after a spray tan? No need to hit the panic button! These little buddies are actually a positive sign that they're tanning like a pro from the perfect distance. It's their skin saying, "Hold on, I'm getting that glow on point!

Tan Build-Up 101: White spots happen during the initial application when their skin gets a bit too cozy with the tanning solution. Think of it as a 'tan build-up' - it's like their skin's way of saying, "I want ALL the glow right here!"

Relax, It's Temporary: Take a deep breath and relax; those white spots are just a temporary pitstop on the road to a flawless tan. They'll vanish during the development process, and their tan will wash off like a dream. Remember, what you see at application is just a surface bronzer – the real magic is happening beneath!

 How To Avoid White Dots When Spray Tanning

Common Culprits Behind the Dots

Speedy Application: Slow and steady wins the tanning race! Applying the solution too quickly can lead to those sneaky white dots.

Gun Needs a Spa Day: Your spray tan gun deserves some TLC too! Regular cleaning ensures a smooth and even application, minus the dots.

Close Encounters: Ever heard of personal space? Our skin has! Applying the solution too close can trigger those white spots. Give it some breathing room, folks!

Dry or Moody Skin: Sometimes, the skin plays hard to get. Dry or irritated patches can join the party, causing the occasional white dot. Keep that skin happy and hydrated!

 Why Do I Get White Dots When Tanning

Tips to Dodge the Dots in the Future

Timing is Everything: Shave or wax at least 24 hours before tanning. Pores need time to close up shop, avoiding any unwanted dot guests.

Cool It Down: Hot water on tanning day? Nah, not a vibe. Opt for a cooler shower or a splash of cold water to keep those pores closed and dot-free.

Exfoliate Like a Pro: Regular exfoliation is the key to a smooth canvas. Say goodbye to dead skin and hello to an even tan canvas!

Mitt Magic: Grab a tanning mitt - your BFF for flawless application. No more worries about overdoing it in one spot!

Lightweight Love: Choose a tanning mist with a lightweight formula. It's like airbrushing for your skin – smooth, even, and no heavy feels.

Sunscreen, Always: Protect that radiant glow with sunscreen. No one wants sun damage to steal the show and enlarge those pores!

So, there you have it, the scoop on the white dots and how to keep them at bay. The journey to a flawless tan just got a whole lot more entertaining!